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Education is the movement from darkness to light. Yes, the importance of light is better understood when the darkness is experienced and similarly the importance of education is better understood when are denied the opportunity. Education is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon to fight against all the social evils and is imperative for all nation to develop in every aspect. As Aristotle once said, “Educating the mind without  educating the heart is no education at all.”

We at Al Hidayah Public School at Ponnad is doing exactly the same by adapting Montessori method of teaching our students. Here, self-
discovery learning takes place through their own initiatives, inquisitiveness as well as through their educator’s encouragement and teaching. While academic subjects are meticulously selected to include in the programme, we also emphasize in peer learning, respecting one another and self-organisation.

Forcing a child to study a rigid curriculum throughout the years can be inhibiting and so we adopted a flexible class system, where we strategize to develop their critical thinking ability and problem solving skills. Besides, we instil self-adaptive attitudes in students and develop them in different verticals and expose to different cultures and perspectives. At Al Hidayah, our well-trained teachers ensure extremely child centric learning process. Here learning takes place in an entertaining and engaging way to retain learner’s enthusiasm and to connect their ideas to develop their cognitive ability.

In this era of internet, knowledge is abundantly available on a click but what we lack is the wisdom to apply it in our practical life. At Al Hidayah, we strive hard to regenerate and instil that wisdom in our new generation by involving them in activity based learning processes through which their optimal development is possible enabling them an independent living.

We believe that values are crucial and valuable and we inculcate this belief in our children. We consider it as our duty to mould the kids as tomorrow’s successful human beings by focusing on the social, academic and emotional aspects of their upbringing. The smart classrooms and the explicit learning materials are designed for the children’s intellectual,physical, emotional and social development through active exploration. The self-directed involvement with the learning materials will promote concentration and can build a concrete foundation in the child for learning more abstract concepts. The creative and explorative activities in different areas of learning will help in identifying and developing discrete talents at a young age. Our children are our hope and our nation’s hope. We together will up-lift them as good citizens, good human-beings who can live and lead independent lives in families, organizations, society and the nation at large.

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Traditional Montessori Programmes

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, “the period of infancy, is undoubtedlythe richest. It should be utilized by education in every possible and conceivable way. The waste of this period of life can never be compensated. Instead of ignoring the early years, it is our duty to cultivate them with utmost care.”

One of the special features of the Montessori Environment is the mixed age grouping, where children learn to live and work together representing cohesive community. The older members in the groups help the younger ones when needed and this helps them to recollect and reinforce what they have already learned. It helps to cultivate individual responsibilities and responsibility to the community at large.

It had made a curriculum, which is mainly based on the inner requirements of the child which helps him to develop socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically at his own pace. The Montessori play school and the pre-primary curriculum consists of five areas of exercisees – Practical Life, Sensorial Life, Language, Mathematics, Arts and Cultural.

This forms the basis for all the other activities in the class room. These activities are designed in such a way that helps the child to grow in motor skills, cognitive development, self-confidence and development of personality. It prepares the child for life, rather than school.